This Woman Got Caught Stealing Eggs. What This Police Did Next Will Surprise You & Make You Cry!!!

This happened in Tarrant, Alabama. Helen Johnson, the mother and the grandmother went to Dollar General to buy some eggs. She only had 1,25$ which was not enough. The woman claims her family hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Helen felt she had no choice but to steal 3 eggs. On of the store’s workers had noticed that and called the police. Helen was sure she was going to jail. She had told Officer William Stacy why did she commit the crime. The officer told her to go outside and wait at the parking lot. What he did next surprised the whole world, because the video taken by a bystander went viral. What William Stacy and the whole police department do for this lady is amazing. LIKE and SHARE.

There is a very small percent of people that steal to survive or that have kleptomania (a compulsive urge to steal). Most often people that steal do have enough money to pay for the items. There are two kinds of shoplifters: professionals, they steal expensive items, and amateurs, they steal because of various reasons. Kids and teenagers go through a stealing phase, trying to see what they can get away with or proof their coolness to friends. Some adults steal from stores trying to get back at them for doing them wrong or not agreeing with the way they do business. Either way, shoplifting is considered a form of theft and is subject to prosecution. Shoplifters may be arrested and paraded through a store in handcuffs. They may face charges for theft. People who have been arrested before, may end up with a criminal record. Shoplifters may also be banned from stores or malls. All that can make it harder to get a job, get into college. It is very important to have a conversation with kids about stealing and the consequences. Shoplifting rarely affects the stores as much as it affects the shoppers. Some stores add the cost of shoplifting into their prices.


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