These two friends were rescued. The transformation they went through is AMAZING!!!

Please, meet Miley and Frankie. Miley is a husky and Frankie is a chihuahua. These dogs might look different, but they have a lot in common: they both know struggle, fear and pain. They met in the rescue organization “Hope For Paws”. Miley was found living on the dumpster, where she had been surviving for months. That dog arrived to the vet in a terrible condition, with multiple wounds, infections, parasites. It is painful to see her condition before all the care she’s got. Frankie was rescued out of a drain pipe. This tiny creature was so scared of everything, she wouldn’t stop shivering and hiding. That’s when these two survivors got introduced to each other, and when their lives turned around. Enjoy and share this heartwarming video.

Miley’s terrific transformation in such a short period of time is amazing. In the beginning of the video it was hard to tell that the dog was actually a beautiful white husky. Proper care and love are capable of making the miracles happen. These days Miley lives in a nice big house with a huge back yard with her new loving family, that adopted the dog not long after her arrival to the rescue center. You can find the new videos of Miley’s new happy chapter of her live on Youtube. Frankie has been adopted as well. She is still shivering time after time, since she is a chihuahua and that’s their thing, but she does not shiver because of fear anymore. These two dogs have been through a lot, but after all the struggles, they kept their hearts open, they found each other and received a wonderful gift of loving family. We have a lot to learn from these two. If after all the downs, you still find strength to carry on with positive attitude and kind heart, you will go far and have a lot more ups ahead.

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