The Tortoise Found His Friend Laying Upside Down. What He Did Next Made the Crowd Go Wild!!!

It was a school field trip day when the family from Taiwan came to Taipei Zoo. They were lucky to witness such amazing scene. When they approached the tortoises, it was clear that one of the animals has been in distress. The poor thing got stuck on its back, and had not luck tipping back over. Fortunately another tortoise was near by, he wouldn’t leave his friend’s side. What happened next is amazing. The whole crowd went wild watching the outcome of this event. It is a beautiful thing to watch. That day the kids that went to the zoo, learned a great lesson: Helping others is the origin of happiness. Please, enjoy this incredibly warm video and don’t forget to share.

Taipei Zoo is more than 90 years old. It has a very impressive history. It was 1914, when Taiwan was still under Japanese sovereignty, when a Japanese man Oe established a private zoological garden in the northern suburbs of Taipei City. The Japanese Government in Taiwan bought the property the following year and transformed it into a public park. After World War II in 1946, the Taipei Zoo was taken over by the Taipei City Government. In 1970, the amusement park was added to the zoo, providing education and amusement for children and adults. The original site of the zoo was constrained by its limited area, in 1986 it got closed for good. In 1973, the new plan of a modern zoo was created. It took 14 years to build it. But on New Year’s Day 1987, located in the Muzha district in the southern part of Taipei, the new zoo held its grand opening. Today it combines 165 hectares, with 90 hectares being open to the public. Taipei zoo does a lot for endangered species, it deals with monitoring the population, has a rescue shelter, educates farmers and everyone about the consequences of using pesticides, and promotes organic farming.


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