They Thought He Was Making A Documentary About Homeless With Pets, Instead He Prepared A Shocking Surprise!!!

Tom Mabe is a professional prankster. He is known for getting revenge on the telemarketers and the most annoying stuff in our lives. Some people call him a Comic Superhero. His pranks always have good intentions and are for a good cause. This time, Tom decided to surprise Beth Green, founder of the organization My Dog Eats First. Beth assists homeless people with taking care of their pets. For these people their dogs and cats are the only family they have. They share everything with them, but can’t afford taking them to the vet, when it’s needed. Tom Mabe not only prepared a wonderful surprise for Beth, he also changed a couple of lives in the making of this documentary. Please, LIKE and SHARE.

Besides being a prankster, Tom Mabe is an award winning composer, he has written music for TV shows and commercials for over 15 yrs. This is actually how he had started his career. In 1994 he built a house with a recording studio inside. After some time he had gotten so annoyed by all the telemarketers calling the house, he started pranking them and recording all the conversations. Shortly after, Mabe signed with Virgin Records and released three comedy albums of his calls. Soon, he was touring with his standup routine about such annoying issues as email spam, bad customer service, and high gas prices. After a year of touring, Mabe got his own show on CMT, called Mabe In America. These days Tom takes over YouTube. He has been featured on the Best Of You Tube, won video of the Year in the UK with his cell phone fight challenge video. Mabe is also known for his prank, during telemarketers’ gathering in Washington D.C. They were hoping to discourage new laws from ending telemarketing. Mabe stayed at the same hotel and kept calling their rooms at 3 a.m. convincing them to buy sleeping pills.


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