This Poor Homeless Dog Was Scared And EVERYONE Ignored Him… Then SHE Showed Up And Changed His Life FOREVER!

Dog shelters in the US are pretty much a usual thing, but not many countries have these kinds of sanctuaries. In some provinces of China you may kill a stray dog. In Romania stray dogs are everywhere. Some of them get sterilized, some just get killed. Howl Of A Dog is on of the first small non-profit organizations in Romania that helps street dogs. This video shows a touching story of a small stray dog surrounded by ignorance and cruelty. Even his cushion and the bowl got stolen. Fortunately, Howl Of A Dog crew was there to change the dogs life. Now, all he needs for a happy ending is a loving family. Please, LIKE and SHARE, you can also make a donation on the link below.

Besides the goal of rescuing abandoned dogs from the streets and finding them new homes, Howl Of A Dog wants to educate Romanian society and, hopefully make it more responsible and conscious towards the pets and stray dogs. Street dogs have always been a big problem in Romania, and the Government didn’t do much about it. In 2012 alone, 16,192 people were bitten by dogs in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Out of these, 3,300 were children. Three people died because of stray dogs bites. Last year the President signed the Stray Dogs Euthanasia Law. This law made the whole world angry. French actress, Brigitte Bardot, herself, wrote a couple of letters to Romanian President, asking to find another solution approved by the European Union Commission. The President was skeptical and tried to answer with a sarcasm. Then Bardot accused him of corruption, since European Union has been sending money to Romania for shelters and medications for stray dogs.


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