This Rescued Tiger Got to Swim for the First Time Ever. Her Reaction Is PRICELESS!

“We are responsible for those we tamed,” – some people forget about that. The tigers from this video are victims of owners that were blinded by greed. Carli and Lily were among the 19 exotic animals that International Fund For Animal Welfare helped to confiscate from a failed facility in New York. They’ve been severely neglected, not out of cruelty, but as a result of incompetence and blindness. IFAW managed to transfer the tigers to Safe Haven Rescue Zoo in Nevada. A year later the rescue officer Kelly Donithan visits these tigers, so very special to her. She watches Carli and Lily enjoy the new addition to the sanctuary – a refreshing pool. Seeing the tigers healthy and happy, is the biggest reward for Kelly. Please, SHARE this great moment.

Some people want to play God. They take upon themselves the responsibility they can’t handle. These people think that if they breed the exotic animals in their backyard, it will save them from being extinct. It is wrong. If unregulated breeding and possession of wild animals continues as it does in the U.S. – there will only be fewer happy endings for those poor animals. Until Congress passes legislation such as the Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act today, it’s in our hands to help those animals. How can you help? When you visit or support a wildlife sanctuary, make sure that they do not breed, buy, sell, trade or exploit their animals in any way. While on vacation, do not let the temptation to take a picture with a tiger or lion cub take over. Don’t go to those fairs and circus performances that include exotic animals. All the profits from exploitation of animals only make the situation worse and do nothing to preserve a species.


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