The Reporter Saw This Guy Dance Walking Down the Street. What He Did Next is AWESOME!!!

The funniest reporter on NBC, Ben Aaron always comes up with fun things to do in the great New York City. This time he got inspired by a passerby he’d seen on the 5th ave. The guy was combining the three things Aaron loves: interacting with people, seeing the city and dancing. This just must become a new movement. Dance like no one sees you, cut loose, you’ll see how much fun it is. Now, my kids refuse to join me in this workout madness, but it is truly liberating. Let’s take a moment and stop being so serious, so concentrated on our problems. Take a dancing walk, you might meet some new people, make friends or just have fun working out. Please, enjoy and share.

With all the technical progress and new trendy gadgets we forgot how to communicate offline. We go to a dinner with friends, what do we do? Pull out the cell phone, take pictures, post them online, check what’s going on out FB page. More than a third of all marriages in the US begin with online dating. Annual revenue from the online dating industry is more than 1 billion dollars. 64% of online dating users consider common interests the most important factor. The average length of courtship for marriages that started with online dating is 18 months. Those people that met offline date for an average of 42 months before getting married. Of those who did not meet their spouses online, nearly 22% met through work, 19 % through friends, 9% at a bar or club and 4% at church. The studies have shown that couples that met online are happier and more satisfied in their relationship. The lowest satisfaction rates were reported by people who met through family, work or blind dates.


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