This raccoon was very bored , But What he did to entertain himself is HILARIOUS!!!

This adorable chubby raccoon is looking for some new ways to entertain himself. First he tried to play with a slipper, but, that game became boring pretty quick. Slippers are not much fun. With nothing else around the animal found a very cute and funny way to play. I don’t know if that amused the raccoon, but it is definitely amusing to watch him. I promise you a big smile on your face during this acrobatic performance. By the way, did you know that President Coolidge (the 30th President of the US)and his wife had a pet raccoon, named Rebecca? Enjoy and don’t forget to share this absolutely adorable and very funny video with your friends and family, it just might bright up their day.

This is the cutest roly poly I’ve ever seen! Raccoons are amazingly adaptable, they also benefit more from the presence of humans than not. These animals have no problem surviving in urban environment. There is actually a bigger population of raccoons in cities than in rural territories. These animals adopt so well to the urban life because they are not picky eaters and they know that if people are around, there must be a lot of food sources. Raccoons are highly intelligent with manual abilities close to the apes. Their long fingers easily open clam shells, trash cans and doors. They are also plantigrade animals, just like bears and humans, they walk on the entirety of their foot – heel to toe. Raccoons nest in tree hollows or empty underground dens, but also like living in abandoned cars, sewers or chimneys. These animals are carriers of rabies and distemper and can transfer these diseases to humans, so don’t ever touch them with bare hands. And if you ran over a raccoon do not “dispose” of it either. It is best to call a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and let them take care of the animal.


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