These puppies adore this man. What happens when he sings them a lullaby is INCREDIBLE!!!

This man is a charmer. As soon as the puppies see him, they get very excited. But it is getting late, and being excited is not a good thing when it is your bed time. The man knows just the right thing to do- sing a lullaby for puppies. His voice is nice and soothing, the puppies really like it, and then the incredible happens. This video is absolutely adorable. I would personally not believe what I saw in this footage, if somebody told me, but it is in real time and no montage has been done to it. You will not regret spending a minute. Enjoy this powerful and charming dog whisperer, and don’t forget to share the video with everyone else, it just might make their day.

I wish this could work with kids as well. 🙂 Dogs are actually born death and with closed eyes, until they are about 21 days old they totally rely on their sense of smell. Dogs are extremely intuitive animals, whose instincts are remarkably accurate. Dogs can sense things in people through their body language, voice and scent. Every mood, thought, intention, even disease makes us produce a different chemical odor, which dogs pick up. While you can hide your emotions from another human, you cannot hide them from a dog. Dogs interpret the world by smell, the part of their brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than in humans. Sniffing and breathing are two different functions. When dogs sniff with short breaths, they actually save some scent that does not get exhaled. When a dog is overheated and panting, the sense of smell gets reduced by as much as 40 percent, because the animal uses the air to cool itself. Puppies have heat sensors in their noses, which help them find their mother during the time when their eyes and ears are closed. These sensors disappear when they grow up.

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