This Porcupine Came Across A Large Pride Of Lions. What Happened Next Is Very Amusing To Watch! Guess Who Wins!!!

Who did you say was the king of the jungle? This porcupine was minding his own business when he bumped into a large pride of lions. By the look of these lionesses, you could tell they have been hungry. And when you’re hungry, even a porcupine looks delicious. But this tough guy is not an easy target and he doesn’t like being pushed around. Lions’ scare tactics don’t work on him, and he knows that offense is the best defense. So, we have 17 lions versus One Porcupine, how is this confrontation going to end? Let’s find out! It is very amusing to watch this clash, you don’t see this every day. Please, enjoy and share this video with your friends and family. Thanks for watching!

The name porcupine comes from Latin, meaning ‘quill pig’. Some quills of African porcupines are nearly a foot (30 centimeters) long. They lie flat until the animal feels threatened. The quills detach easily if touched. Their sharp tips with overlapping scales make it challenging to remove them once they are stuck in the skin. The lost quills are replaced by the new ones, just like our hairs do. Native American tribes used porcupines’ quills for accessories. Women would through a blanket over the animal and then collect all the quills stuck in it. Then the quills would be dyed and used to decorate leather bags, shoes, jewelry. Porcupines also inspired traditional Native American male headdress, the porcupine hair roach. It was made of hair of the porcupine, mixed with hair of the white-tail deer, moose hair, and it was dyed dyed a bright color, such as red or yellow, distinguishing the warriors. Nowadays in Kenya and Vietnam porcupines are eaten as a delicacy.


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