This Nurse Has His Own Recipe for Pain Relief. He Moved Me to Tears!!!

Hospitals are very frustrating. Thank universe for nurses, that can deal with being around all that pain and suffering, and help people. Jared Axen, registered nurse at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Valencia, CA, came up with his own recipe for pain relief. These days he is combining his two favorite things to do, everyone around seems to be happy. His patients request Axen’s company every day. The nurses are required to comfort patients and just keep their mind busy until the pain medication kicks in. So, Axen came up with the perfect way to do something he enjoys and to help sooth the pain. It is so touching to see his patient’s reaction, it really made me tear up. Please, enjoy and share this wonderful story.

Isn’t this lovely? Jared Axen has won The Nurse of the Year Award. He also educates people about sensitive topics, such as losing the loved ones, preparing for their departure, getting ready for the last days. Jared’s most thankful fans are cancer patients. He really help them relax and drift away into the world of Broadway. Jared sang all the way through his childhood. He states that no stage performance can be compared with singing to his patients. The strong bond he shares with them, is way more important. Jared gets to witness the positive influence of his singing first hand. Psychologists have proven that music boosts the body’s immune system and is more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety before a surgery. Music causes neurons in the brain stem, a primitive part of the brain, to be activated in sync with the beat. Some Canadian dental clinics use soothing music to calm down the patients. The studies also show that music affects water. The experiment with frozen water has shown that music like death metal creates deep ugly cracks, while classic music created smooth lines. Since our body pretty much consists of water, do the math, what kind of music is healthier.


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