One Man Paid $60,000 to Buy a Fallen Deputy’s Car, What He Used it For Will MELT YOUR HEART!

Stories like this one serve to restore the faith in humanity and motivate people to keep their compassion awake. In 2010 Weld County Deputy, Sam Brownlee, was killed in the line of duty after a police chase. The County Sheriff’s office kept Brownlee’s police cruiser for a while. Five years later, it was decided to auction the car to raise money for Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization that helps families of fallen officers. The car was appraised for $12,500, but local farmer, Steve Wells, payed the ridiculous $60,000 at the auction for it! What Wells did with the car after outbidding others, became the greatest and very touching surprise. Please, enjoy this story and don’t forget to SHARE it!

Two Colorado brothers Tanner and Chase Brownlee were cherishing the memories of their father, Deputy, Sam Brownlee. Tanner was working hard to become the owner of the last piece of his dad’s legacy. The boy even started a GoFundMe page to be able to outbid the other people at the auction. Tanner had had a perfect plan but it didn’t work the way it was supposed to, it worked out way better. Steve Wells, the local farmer, who surprised the Brownlees with that beautiful gesture, declined any interviews. He says he did not want to take away Tanner’s moment as he got behind the wheel of his dad’s car. What a man! That only proves, that he has done that not for fame, but because of the goodness in his heart. That day Steve Wells made 2 donations and helped a bunch of people. The Brownlee family will never forget this act of kindness, plus the $60000 will help families of fallen officers. And that is how one person can make a great impact in one day.


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