This Little Girl Sat Next to a Big Fluffy Dog, Only 1 Second Later – He Did the Most ADORABLE Thing. AWW!

If every human had as much patience and love as this Samoyed, the World would be a way better place. Samoyeds are very friendly dogs, you can’t wipe the smile off their faces, which is their distinctive expression and the reason they are called “Sammy Smile”. The Samoyed from this video is a great pal and nanny for the 2-year-old. The cutest thing about the two best friends, is that the dog was the one, who started that adorable game. It seems like she would never get tired of playing with the little girl. Such a beautiful and gentle creature! I guess, kid’s laughter is music to this dog’s ears. Please, enjoy their adorable game, and don’t forget to click LIKE and SHARE.

Samoyed is a fascinating breed. These working dog can survive in extremely low temperatures, eager to please, it is a great companion and a wonderful family dog. Samoyed likes to socialize, this dog is the happiest when he interacts with people and other dogs. Being left alone for a long period of time might cause depression in the dog. Because of its double coat, Samoyed is great for families with allergies. The reason why is still a debate, either the dog produces less dander than other breeds or its double coat keeps much of the dander from circulating in the air. Also it is one of the breeds that doesn’t have a natural odor. Even when sprayed by a skunk, Samoyed washes off the smell faster than other dogs and animals. And you would think that keeping such beautiful bright white coat clean is a hard work, but it’s not. Samoyed, just like cats, takes care of his own grooming needs, plus their coats are waterproof. These dogs love to talk and reply. If you say something directly to Samoyed’s face, he will respond with a low-pitched warbling sound.


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