This Lion Was Alone, Lost and Scared… But You Have to See WHO Came to The Rescue – INCREDIBLE!

Another trouble caused by a female. Lion Tau has been following a lioness, whose scent simply enchanted him. But the beauty shows her teeth, she doesn’t want to be approached. Soon enough, Tao hears a mighty roar, it makes him realize the lady is taken. Under these circumstances, it is smart to hit the road. Unfortunately, being focused on the lady, Tau got lost in the unfamiliar grounds. It is getting dark. The lion grows anxious. He keeps roaring in despair, even though it is not safe. You’ll never guess who came to help Tau out. The moment they meet is the sweetest thing. You can really see the happiness and relief on Tau’s face. And some people think felines are not able to experience emotions. Please, SHARE.

This episode is a part of the Smithsonian Channel Documentary Show “Lions in battle 2.” These two young brothers were forced from their home and separated from the rest of the family. Trying to survive on the Okavango Delta in Africa, where they are considered strangers, these lions rely on each other solely. The show allows us to witness their journey into adulthood. Hopefully, these brothers will be able to start their own dynasty. Lions are the only felines that form a group, other cats are lone hunters. Lion pride has a lot of rules and regulations. A real soap opera is going on in each and every one of them. There are more females than males in a pride. Males must win their way into a pride. Once they do, they face challenges from males outside the pride who try to take their place. Young males are forced to leave the pride when they are just 3 years old, they are known as nomadic males. However, females tend to stay with their maternal groups for life. Those that do choose to leave the pride are rarely accepted by another unrelated group.


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