This incredible relationship between lions and a man will left me speechless. WOW!!!

Please, meet an incredible and fearless zoologist Kevin Richardson from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has worked extensively with native animals of Africa. Kevin has been accepted into several clans of spotted hyenas and prides of lions. He has been always obsessed with big cats and lions are his favorite. In this beautiful footage his warm and unbelievable relationship with the dangerous creatures has been captured. Richardson prefers to develop a relationship with animals not based on submission, but on love and respect. Kevin and his team work with animals for the commercial filming industry and make documentaries to generate income to fund the Lion Sanctuary and protect the animals from being extinct. Enjoy this astonishing video and share it with everyone else, it is worth watching.

Even if hugging a lion is the last wish in your bucket list, don’t even think about doing it without special supervision. Richardson went to college and studied zoology, but quit it. He never thought that working with animals would become his career, he always considered it a hobby. That’s how he became an exercise physiologist. When Kevin was twenty-three, he got the opportunity to work with two lion cubs, Tau and Napoleon, at the Lion Park in Johannesburg. He still has a very strong bond with these already grown-up lions. Richardson has disregarded many safety rules concerning lions, and has busted many myths about their training. Working with animals, Kevin relies on his intuition rather than rules. He has slept next to, fed, and lived with lions, which is just incredible. Along with lions, he has worked with cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas. And don’t think that he has never been injured. Kevin has been clawed and bitten pretty often. It is the nature of lions to scratch each other and they don’t treat Richardson differently.


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