Have You Ever Wondered What Does a Fox Say? This Cutie Is Happy to Enlighten Us!!!

Please, meet Loki, a rescued red fox. He was found as an orphan at 6 weeks old, and that’s how he became a resident of Turtle Bay Exploration Park, California. The trainers have been trying to bring the fox back to the wilderness every night, by the animal would keep coming back. Loki loves his caretakers and is always happy to see them. Since the video “What Does the Fox Say?” came out, people have been wondering. To enlighten us, Loki’s trainer decided to make this educational message. This is their first lesson that you’re about to watch. Loki sure has a lot to say with 28 different vocalizations. But it is his liveliness and the character that are most amusing. Enjoy this adorable fox, and click SHARE.

There are 48 sub-species of fox including color variations from silver to red. The Red Fox is the largest member of the fox family. It can be found all across North America, Europe and Asia as well as Australia. However, it is not native to most of the territory it now inhabits. The fox is quite a talker. Foxes can identify each other’s voices, just like humans. During mating period it uses high-pitched shrieking/screaming noise to attract the vixen. Males also bring food to their ladies during this period. Foxes are very social, they live in packs and help each other. Both the mother and father share the care of pups. Non-breeding sisters or female cubs from previous litter were also spotted to help the new mom. Foxes are great night-time hunters. Behind the light sensitive cells of the fox eyes lies another layer which reflects light back through the eyes, that’s why they glow green. Their super vision also doubles the intensity of images received by their eye.



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