The Guy Is Scolding The Dog For Chewing Up The Bed. Dog’s Reaction Is The Most Adorable!!!

C.J. Huffman got very disappointed when he came home and discovered his roommate’s dog chewing on its bed. The dog bed didn’t even last 1 whole day. Huffman was more upset about the fact that he had to clean up the mess. The fluff was all over the place. After he’s finished cleaning, the guy sat down to relax. Lilo was quick to join him. Huffman starts talking to the dog, saying that she’s in trouble and he would tell on her. Lilo’s reaction to that is so incredibly cute, I had to watch this video a whole bunch of times. It’s like she really understands what is the guy telling her. Please, enjoy this adorable video and don’t forget to click SHARE.

Border Collie was first bred for sheep herding in the border lands between England and Scotland. The Border Collie was not granted full AKC recognition until 1995. These dogs are very intelligent and highly trainable. Border Collies are used for more than just herding; they are also great at search and rescue, and they make perfect therapy dogs. Some places even use these dogs for chasing birds and animals from airport runways and golf course greens. The most intelligent Collie ever known is Rico. This dog could recognize more than 250 objects by name. Once he was given a task to find a toy, the name of which he didn’t know. Rico has analyzed all the toys that he had known and brought the unknown one. Another smart Border Collie Striker made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. He opened a car window in a record time 11.34 seconds. Border Collies are very energetic. They need a lot of mental and physical exercise. When they don’t get enough of those, they start misbehaving.


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