This Girl Tells Her Dog: “I Love You.” The Dog’s Reply Brought Her To Tears.

If only our pets could talk. I think this is one thing every pet owner is dreaming about. The girl from this video loves her French Bulldog unconditionally. She treats her like her baby, dresses her up and enjoys talking to her. Her boyfriend was lucky to capture the adorable moment of the girl saying to her dog “I love you.” What they did not expect, is the awesome reply from the cute Bulldog. The girl couldn’t believe it, her reaction is so sweet! I’m sure I would be crying if that happened to me. Please, enjoy this incredible video and don’t forget to share it with your pet lovers. Thanks for watching. LIKE and SHARE.

So is it possible for a dog to learn how to talk? In the 1912 Harry Miles Johnson of Johns Hopkins University said in a paper in Science it is not possible. He agreed with the findings of Oskar Pfungst of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Berlin who studied dogs’ communication. Johnson stated that the dog’s speech is “the production of vocal sounds which produce illusion in the hearer.” It is more appropriate to call it imitation. Dogs are sensitive to different tones. They can determine our mood by the sound of our voice. Dogs express their emotions by varying their tones. So it is not hard for them to imitate the human speech, especially for a reward. Dogs are not able to use their lips or tongues for communication. That’s why they have a problem pronouncing consonants. However, there is no proof that dogs understand what they say. But they surely understand our speech and body language. A gifted border Collie, Rico, learned the names of more than 200 objects using a technique called fast-tracking, that is also used for teaching small children.


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