This Girl Was Helping Her Horse Overcome the Fear of Water, But Then She Regretted That.

The girls were enjoying a peaceful trail ride, when they came to an obstacle – a creek. One of the horses refused to cross it, she would not put a hoof in the water. So, the girl gets off the horse’s back and leads the way, assuring the animal that the creek is safe. She shows that water is fun. The horse slowly, but gets used to it. And then the funniest part happens. It’s incredible to watch such a big animal be so cute and have fun. She let her inner foal come out. But it was the other girl’s laughter that cracked me up. It is so contagious, I couldn’t resist the giggles. Enjoy this adorable video, and, please LIKE and SHARE it with your friends.

This fear of water is most common among domestic horses. Some animals develop this fear after a traumatic experience such as a fall into a river or near a pool. There is a good explanation of the first case. Horse’s eyes are placed to the sides of his head, giving him a monocular vision that allows him to see a far broader scope of his surroundings than a human. However, horses don’t see everything as detailed as we do, plus they have little to no depth perception. Pretty much their vision is two-dimensional. Would you jump into a river without knowing how deep it is? I don’t think so. The girl from the video chose the best way to help her horse overcome the fear of water. First of all, horses have to trust the one they are following. In a herd horses tend to trust and learn from alfa-mare. That’s what a rider should be to his horse – a trustworthy leader. The next step is leading by example. The horse from this video is a quick learner, but not all horses are like that. It is important not to push the animal too hard, take it slow.


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