Fox playing “Tag” with a dog. Adorable friendship!!!

This friendship is one of those that you see in Disney cartoons. Sniffer, the fox, met Tinni, the German Shepherd, while he was out for a walk in the Norwegian forest, where he lives. Since that day they have been best friends. Tinni’s owner, who lives in the forest with his dog, is photographer Torgeir Berge. He has been capturing every heartwarming moment between the two best friends as they play and roll in the secluded woods. This tender and playful relationship inspired Berge to release a book titled “The Fox and the Dog”, which features fairytales, based on this friendship. Sniffer and Tinni’s touching relationship proves that friendship can survive despite background or even natural instincts. Enjoy and share this adorable video about two unlikely friends.

Dogs and foxes in normal circumstances would usually be enemies, being separated by thousands of years of domestication, but these two ignore all that and share an unlikely strong bond. Tinni’s owner, Torgeir Berge, noted how similar his dog and Sniffer were. He says sometimes it appears that the two are fighting, but it only looks like that, they never hurt each other. Tinni found a great friend and a wonderful workout buddy. German Shepherds do require a lot of exercise. Because of similarities in behavior, Berge calls the fox, the ‘dog of the forest’ and now he is campaigning to ban Norway’s controversial fox-fur trade. He believes that it is very cruel to keep wild animals in tiny cages and later kill them, so that people would look good in a coat made out of their fur. Berge will donate a large portion of the proceeds from his book to help his conservation and sponsor the anti-fur trade campaign.

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