I Thought These Were Just Fish, But Then I Took A Closer Look…. WOW!!

This is the best fish ever! It doesn’t need to be fed, it doesn’t need fresh water, it doesn’t make a mess. Besides all that it is beautiful. But it is hard to believe that these fish are not real. Riusuke Fukahori, the Japanese artist has been struggling with inspiration, when he found his muse that’s been right in front of him the whole time. It was his adored pet goldfish. This goldfish became Fukahori’s passion and lifelong theme. This art was introduced to the world only next year. It took Fukahori 8 years to bring his technique to perfection. Today he calls himself “The goldfish artist.” Prepare to be amazed by his skill. Please, LIKE and SHARE the video.

Today Reusuke Fukaori’s art is being exhibited all over the world, including Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. It is sold for 2 500 – 30 000$. For 8 years Fukahori kept his technique a secret. He wouldn’t show it to the public until it was perfect. The 42-year-old artist uses common Japanese household items for his art pieces: bowls and cups, ladles and plastic bags. The three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality are achieved with help of clear liquid resin. It’s a very long process. Fukahori paints small parts of fish then pours a layer of resin over, lets it dry off, then repeats the process, layer by layer. The artist is fascinated by the vulnerability and the strong energy of life of goldfish. For 1500 year is has been mutating, as believed from a carp, bred by humans. In 2001, Fukahori won a Special prize from Kyoto Saga University. In 2006, he was selected for 9th Okamoto Taro Contemporary Art Grand Prize Exhibition. in 2003 Fukahori won Turner Acryl Award and Imai Norio prize.



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