What This Elephant Did For Her Dog Best Friend moved me to tears!!!

This incredibly touching story took place in the elephant sanctuary South of Nashville, Tennessee. Tarra, the elephant, became best friends with a dog named Bella. They were inseparable. Watching their precious moments spent together warms my heart. When Bella got sick and had to stay in the sanctuary office for recovery, her best friend wouldn’t leave the spot right next to the building. She would spend all day in the corner of the fence waiting for the dog to show up. But it was weeks later, when tragic circumstances had occurred. Tarra’s loyalty and devotion left everyone speechless. She had done an incredible thing for her friend in need. Please share this story with your friends, it is very inspiring.

What an amazing animal! There is so much love stored in this gentle giant’s heart. It is also very touching to know that the other elephants are supporting Tarra. Elephants are known for their sensitivity and compassion. If a calf gets in trouble or is upset, all the females of the herd approach him and caress with their trunks. Elephants also have welcoming parties for those members of the herd that have been away for a long time. Even if one member has been missing for decades, it is proven that the herd would still recognize him. The herd is usually led led by a matriarch, that explains the sensitivity of the members. Male elephants leave the matriarch groups between age 12 and 15 to live in all-male groups. Only humans and elephants are known to honor and mourn for the dead. When a member of the herd gets ill, the others bring him food and water, even help him stand. After he dies, the herd becomes silent for 2 days. The closest ones are known to have a depression.



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