If You Need a Hearty Laugh, Just Watch These 13 Dogs and One Cat Enjoy Holiday Feast At The Dinner Table :))

We all looove family gatherings for the holidays. Some people survive through them with the help of alcohol, some just keep their mouths stuffed the whole time, trying to avoid any conversations and not-so-pleasant questions. We all have our own holiday survival tricks. Now imagine 13 dogs and a cat impersonate a typical family having a Christmas dinner together. That’s what this video is about. The cute and very familiar details of this gathering will make you relate and recognize some of your family members. Are you emotionally ready for the holidays? This video will surely set a festive mood. Please, enjoy and share with your family and all the pet lovers. Happy holidays!!!

This video was created by the company Freshpet. Freshpet brings real food to dogs and cats, the food that is always fresh and good for our pets and the environment. The company believes that our four legged friends are not just animals, they are a part of our families. And, as Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry said: “We are forever responsible for what we have tamed,” the company Freshpet is on the same page. They believe our pets deserve to eat less-processed foods with no preservatives, only fresh meats and veggies. You will not find Freshpet produce on the shelf with other pet food, only in their special friges. Since 2006 the company has reached over 1 million pet parents that prefer the brand over any other. Today Freshpet retail network has over 13,000 fridges across North America. The company uses local produce from Pennsylvania farms. It utilizes 100% wind energy at the Freshpet Kitchens, and minimizes waste. This video was also created with help of the Humane Society of Utah. Some of the dogs featuring in this video are available for adoption.



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