This Dog Found Out That His Brother Had Passed. What He Did Is Incredibly Touching!!!

Brutus the Rottweiler woke up to find out that his twin brother Hank had gone to a better place. While the owner knew it was coming, since the dog had been sick and wouldn’t eat, it became a big shock for the other dog. This big creature has the biggest heart. He laid on his brother’s head and refused to leave his side. Brutus spent hours next to Hank’s body. Their owner couldn’t watch that without braking down into tears. This is a very emotional video. The dogs’ owner would like everyone to reSHARE this video. It proves that dogs do have real emotions and understand the difference of life and death. He says Brutus had never whined or cried because of pain before. Please, LIKE and SHARE.

Hank was only 7 years old. His owner knew that large dogs like him don’t live longer than 10 years, but it was too soon for him. Rottweilers have a bad reputation, but it is only because their owners want them to be aggressive guard dogs. In fact, proper training, socialization and a leader are necessary for these dogs. Rottweilers are very passionate dogs with sweet and goofy personality. They are very loyal and sometimes forget that they are not lap dogs. This breed enjoys performing tasks and facing challenges. Rottweilers make great police, search and rescue, service and therapy, farm and tracking dogs. They are also great at all kinds of competitions, especially the ones that include agility courses, obedience competitions, protection and tracking. And don’t let their short hair fool you, Rottweilers shed a lot. In some countries legislation limits or bans these dogs, and insurance policies don’t cover the owners of Rottweilers. All that is because of irresponsible owners, that choose not to “waste” time and money on a trainer.


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