This Dog Had Fallen in Hot Tar and Was Stuck, But it Wasn’t the End for Him, Quite Opposite!!!

This Indian street dog had fallen in the pool of hot tar and was stuck to the ground. The rock-hard tar was poisoning the skin. Poor animal couldn’t even move. He was laying on the street, waiting for the end to come. But it was not in his stars to die there and then. After 2 days, a passerby had noticed the poor creature struggling and called the Animal Aid Unlimited help-line. The dog got very lucky to be discovered. This story is a great example of how compassion can save lives. Don’t be indifferent to those surrounding you! Watch this harsh rescuing process, and enjoy the heart-warming result. Please, share this inspiring story with your friends, and remember to never loose hope.

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of India’s leading animal rescue centers. It was founded near Udaipur city by a family from Seattle, USA. The family has lived in India for 15 years. As soon as they had established there, they realized that most of Indian cities don’t have shelters for animals. Street animals are a big problem in India. Cows, donkeys, dogs that live on the streets and eat garbage carry diseases and barely survive. The law states that no one is supposed to kill roaming animals, but there are too many of them. The government veterinary facilities are aimed only toward milk production and animal farming. That’s why in 2003 Animal Aid Unlimited opened its doors to all the suffering unwanted animals. By 2010, about 30,000 animals have been treated at the facility. Today the rescue center stands on a 4-acre site, has 40 full-time staff members and volunteers, and is home to more than 4,000 rescued and recovering animals each year. Animal Aid also educates Indian people about the animal rights and the ways to treat them.


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