This Kitty Was About To Be Caught By A Dog…Then an Unlikely Hidden Talent SAVED HER!

Whenever I think about stuff cats hate, two things come to mind – dogs and water! This poor little guy was being chased by an angry doggy and had to choose between getting caught and getting wet. Once he ran down those stairs, I was sure that there was no way for him to avoid a much dreaded swim. Fortunately, he had a secret super power up his sleeve! I’ve never in my life seen a cat that skilled and I’m still baffled by how he pulled it off. Are you as amazed as I am? If so, don’t forget to share the amazement with your friends and family!

Do you still have no idea how Didga the miraculous cat managed to pull off that awesome surfboard move? We’ll let you in on the secret – she’s an extreme sports enthusiast! Yes, you heard me right – she loves anything that gives her an adrenalin rush. Thanks to her amazing owner, animal trainer Robert Dollwet, she’s successfully mastered skateboarding, parkour and freerunning, as well as many more common tricks. On top of all that, we’d like to mention that Didga is actually a rescue kitty! Can you believe it? Robert, who’s been a pet trainer for 33 years, adopted her from an animal shelter and decided to prove that there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to training cats. He uses a positive reinforcement training method and completely avoids violence and intimidation. By training animals this way, he actually makes them love learning new tricks and pleasing their owner. He managed to teach cats to walk on a leash, do some fun doggy tricks, use a human toilet, etc. Didga is just one example of what you can do with a clicker, a little food and lots of love. Try it out, you won’t regret it!


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