This Disabled Boy With Was Determined to Run… His Friends’ Unexpected Reaction Will WARM YOUR HEART!

The purpose of human life is to show compassion, support and the will to help others. Colonial Hills Elementary School in suburban Worthington, Ohio is a great example to the society. 11-year-old Matt Woodrum has Cerebral Palsy. He was determined to participate in his school’s 400 meter race. Matt didn’t have to due to his disability, but he wanted to. Soon after the race had started, the boy was getting weaker and weaker. He was about to give up, when his physical education teacher, John Blaine decided to approach and check on the boy. What happened next is pure magic. I hope this video will be watched at schools around the world. If we all stand as one, we can change this world. Please, SHARE.

It is so great that American schools help kids with disabilities go to regular schools and participate in sports. In many other countries, especially 3rd World ones, which are the majority, regular schools have no access for children with disabilities. Those kids grow up in orphanages or go to special schools, they are outsiders, they are isolated and treated like aliens. The majority of children and young people with special needs live in extreme poverty. In addition, they are exposed to discrimination, exploitation and abuse. I wish we could educate other nations to treat those kids no different. Most of the people with disorders would rather be approached and asked about their disability than just to be stared down or pointed at. As parents, it is our duty to educate out young ones about equity and tolerance, about different religions, races, beliefs, disabilities, sexuality. Our kids must know that even with all our differences, we are the same, that we must try to make this world a better place by being kind to each other, by helping and supporting each other.


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