Dad Saw This Face in the Back View Mirror. The Reason His Daughter Got So Emotional is Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

During this cold season we want everyone to stay warm. This adorable video is the perfect solution for keeping your heart and soul warm. Please, meet, Raegan Lupher, the toddler that made millions share tears of compassion with her and fall in love with the girl. Raegan’s dad noticed his daughter looking very sad sitting in the back seat. He set up the camera to capture the intense moment, and didn’t regret. It is so sweet to see such young person being so compassionate and understanding. She got so caught up in the moment. Bless her pure innocent heart. You might need a tissue or two while watching the video, so be prepared. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Toddlers are very emotional creatures. At the age of 3-4 they already have a personality. It is parents’ duty to shape and polish it. Even though, 3-year-old kids start understanding their emotions, they have problems controlling them. If the toddler feels something, he’s likely to act on it. But when a child can recognize an emotion, he handles the situation better. For example, instead of screaming or hitting, the toddler says: “I’m mad.” It is important to explain and talk about different emotions with the child, but it’s even more important to listen to the kid, and hear him out when he experiences emotions. Toddlers start showing empathy around age 4. That’s when they can relate to a friend that is hurt or sad, and support him. Toddlers want to be independent, you hear them say “I do it.” But, since their motor and reasoning skills are still developing, they are not able to complete the task, and they get frustrated. In this case parents should not run and help right away. Allowing the kid to feel some frustration, helps him learn persistence. Offer the assistance, and don’t forget to praise your little one for efforts.


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