This boy has a Down Syndrom. Today he is very upset. The way his dog is cheering him up is INCREDIBLE!!!

Now this is simply beautiful. This little boy had a Down Syndrome. Sometimes he gets upset and feels very lonely. Boy’s parents made him the most wonderful present- a dog. This animal is not just a pet, he became a real companion and a true friend for the boy. While watching this beautiful video, please, try to pay attention to the dog’s eyes. It seems that the animal understands and shares the little boy’s emotions. It looks like the boy doesn’t want his friend’s company at the moment, but the dog knows best, he knows exactly what the boy needs- a good hug. This video is very touching and absolutely heartwarming. Enjoy and share this adorable moment of a boy being cheered up by his dog.

What an awesome friend this dog is! The best quality of good friends is their ability to know when we need them most. And what about all that patience and determination? It’s like the dog’s life relies on the happiness of this boy. And you can really see how wise and intelligent this animal is. His every move, his approach, the tenderness of his touch, all that is just incredible, coming from a dog. Labrador Retriever is known for the ability to work with people and assist them. In the US and Canada almost 70% of guide dogs are Labradors. Because of their intelligence, good temperament and a great work ethic these dogs are widely used by police, firefighters, custom officers and military. Being great swimmers, even in the cold water, and the outstanding smelling ability, Labs are often used in water rescue and detection tasks. Every day these dogs help people and save lives.

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