They Found This Poor Blind Dog in a Pile of Trash, But Watch What Happened Few Weeks Later!!!

This might be the ultimate Cinderella Story Rescue. The beloved non-profit animal rescue organization “Hope for paws” has touched our hearts once again. They received a call about a dog in a terrible condition living in a pile of trash is South LA. It took them some time to find the animal on a huge property. But when the rescuers found her, they couldn’t hold the tears back. The dog was in a terrible condition; it was 100% blind, had the worst case of flee infestation and was scared to death. But someone was looking over this sweet little thing. This story has the happiest ending ever. Enjoy this great rescue story and share it with your friends to raise awareness.

These guys never stop amazing me. Audrey and Eldad Hagar, the creators of Hope for Paws, have been helping abused and abandoned dogs for over 8 years. Their rescue technique is based on love and gentleness. Even when they deal with big aggressive dogs, they treat them with kindness. First, the rescuers give the animal some time before the contact. Sometimes they give the dog food, at first. Next thing is the gentle touch. The rescuers let the animal know that human touch can be comforting and pleasant. It is amazing to watch the changes in abused dogs’ attitude after a friendly contact. It is believed that dogs have a mental development of a 2,5 year old child, so they must be treated like one. Hope for paws has already published a second book, dedicated for those animals that had touched their hearts. Audrey and Eldad were encouraged to educate the public about animal abuse and neglect and to inspire others to adopt, rescue, and foster animals in need. One inspired donor funded the printing of the book. All donations and the money earned from the sales of the book would go directly to helping animals. Several hundred copies of both the first and second edition have been donated to women’s and children’s hospitals, and senior living facilities throughout the U.S.


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