This Baby Starts Crawling To The Dog, But What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart!!!

Being big doesn’t mean being rough prove these two friends. 7-months-old baby Peyton and his best friend Miller, the Boxer, love hanging out together. Peyton practices his crawling skills, and Miller is the perfect target to crawl to. As soon as the baby reaches dog’s paws, he starts playing with them, Miller’s response is priceless. The connection between these two is something magical and absolutely adorable. Even though, the Boxer is three times larger than Peyton, he is as gentle as a dog could be. These friends have already developed a strong bond, which will make them protective of each other, and help them appreciate every moment spent together. Please, enjoy and share this awesome video with your dog people.

Boxers were bred in Germany for hunting. This fierce and powerful dogs could hold down a big boar until the hunter approached. These dogs were introduced to the US after the World War I, and were used during World War II. This breed is very intelligent, easily trained and have the ability to learn fast. The training is a necessary aspect for these dogs. Boxers would die protecting their family. They are very affectionate and love being the center of attention. These dogs adopt to living in an apartment, but they need a lot of training. They are very playful and energetic. However, without regular exercise and attention, Boxer might turn to be aggressive and develop behavior issues, like barking, chewing, digging, etc. This fun-loving breed should not be punished. Praise and positive reinforcements are perfect for training a Boxer. Making the learning fun will help the dog learn better and faster. They are great family dogs, and suitable for first-time dog owners. Boxers get along with kids easily. They love being allowed to be mischievous. Boxers don’t need much grooming. Their ears must be cleaned regularly, and their nails need attention. Besides that, these dogs’ coats could be brushed only once a week. Boxers drool and snore a lot. This is because of their short snout. It is also the reason why these dogs have issues regulating their body temperature and are not suitable for regions with extreme temperature.


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