This Baby is Learning His First Word. You’ ll Get Wiped Out by The Wave of Cuteness, When You See THIS!!!

Oh, those precious moments of babies’ first achievements! There’s nothing more adorable. This baby is learning the first word. The mom is very determined to help her little one with this task. The way she does it is really cute, but what’s even cuter is when the baby finally gets it. And, then… mom turns into a kid. Her reaction is pure joy, but little one’s reaction to her reaction tops it all. I can’t decide who is more adorable, but these two made my day. This is what happiness looks like. I was very pleased to start my day with this video, after watching it, I stayed in a good mood all day. Enjoy this precious video, and, please share it with your loved ones.

Babies are fascinating creatures. Did you know, that babies are born with 300 bones (adults have 206), their bones fuse as they grow. Also at birth, babies don’t have kneecaps. They do not develop completely until after 6 months. At the moment of birth, a baby’s heart beats at 180 pulses per minute. After a few hours, the heart rate drops to 140 pulses. A 1-year-old’s heart rate is 115 beats per minute, when adult’s average rate is 70-80 beats/minute. If a person, born 8 lbs. and 20 in. at birth, continued growing at the same rate, by the time he reached 20, he’d be 25 ft. tall and weigh nearly 315 lbs. Babies have around 10,000 taste buds, far more than adults. They are located not just on the tongue but also all over the mouth. With time these extra taste buds disappear. A baby’s eyes are 75% of their adult size. Babies recognize the smell and voice of their mother at birth, but they can’t see the difference between mother and other adults. Eyesight is the least developed of all the newborn senses.


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