Animals get in trouble all the time. When this happens, people come to the rescue. A must-see!!!

This video is the most beautiful thing I have seen lately. This compilation shows animals from different parts of the world being in trouble. Most of the time we, the humans, create those troubles for the animals: dangerous trash, fishing gear in the ocean, pollution, cars, poisons, deforestation and many more things that are the result of us trying to make our life easier and better, while making other living creatures miserable. And then, there are compassionate, loving and caring people, that are eager to invest their time or even put their own life in danger to save another living creature. This video is about them. It will restore your faith in humanity, and, I hope, will become a great example for everybody. Please, enjoy and share.

My eyes are still wet after watching this wonderful compilation. I am so glad there are still people out there with big hearts and altruistic behavior. The Siberian elk from the video that fell into the ice fishing hole, has been stuck in ice water for 15 hours. It took the rescuers several hours to warm it up. The whale that got caught in the fishing gear was nearly dying of exhaustion. People on the boat dedicated hours to cut off all the nets wrapped around the tail. And all that trash that poor little things get stuck in on a daily basis is just disgusting. Just imagine how hard it is for the animals to survive these days in the world, where people are dominating creatures, trying to bend everything to their liking. We take and destroy their homes, we create dangerous living conditions for them, we kill them every day without even knowing it. People have to stop being self-centered, and stop making more and more useless things, that make our life easier, but destroy the nature. Mother nature has a lot to offer on her own.

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