This Old Woman Sat Down At A Piano At The Street. What She Did Next Will Blow Your Mind!!!

We are glad to introduce to you this genius pianist and composer from Melbourne Australia. She amazes passersby with her street performances. Her name is Natalie Trayling, but she likes being called just Natalie. She started working on this piece when she was just 13. Today she is 80 and she is happy to be able to share her beautiful music with the world. Music has always been her haven. It helps Natalie keep going through tragedies, loss, tough times. She says: “This whole world is music.” Her improvisations sooth the busy streets of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where she performs as well. Please, enjoy this undiscovered talent, and please share the video, this woman deserves to be heard.

Life wasn’t kind to Natalie. At the age of 15 she had to turn down the scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Music because her family hadn’t had the money to support Natalie during her studies. But it was the loss of two daughters and her son’s battle with depression that made Natalie move to the streets. Today her son Matthew is her biggest fan. He supports her in everything and helps her organize the performances. Matthew is the one who uploads Natalie’s concerts on the internet. This talented woman rejects any advertisement proposals on her videos, she also refuses to sell the rights to her music. She is a true artist and she doesn’t want to be dictated what and how to write her music. Natalie has to fly free to be able to create. She says this is the only way she can connect to the people’s hearts directly, without any barriers, and that’s all she wants. Her life goal is to sooth the souls with her beautiful music.


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