2 Blind Indian Sisters See for the First Time EVER, Their Reaction Will Make You Shed Tears of Joy!

Sisters Sonia and Anita live in poverty in a small village in India. Their parents always wanted for them to have a bright future. The problem was – the sisters have been blind since the day they were born. A simple 15-minute operation could change everything, but there is no way this family would be able to afford it. Thanks to good people from the nonprofit organization 20/20/20, that provide free operations to thousands of people in developing countries. The moment the bandages come off these sisters’ lives change for ever, and, I’m sure, for better. Please, SHARE this wonderful story, and help us spread the word. You can help too by making a donation at 20x20x20.org. We stand strong together.

Some kids are born blind, because they inherit the condition, other causes of blindness are: infections during pregnancy, eye or brain defect, or trauma during birth. It is harder to restore vision in patients with blindness caused by optic-nerve damage or a stroke. Patients who have corneal scarring or cataract have a good prognosis if they are able to access surgical care of their condition. These girls, probably, had cataract. Cataracts are very common among the elderly. What causes cataracts at birth or in early childhood: either hereditary enzyme defects, other genetic diseases, or systemic congenital infections. Treatment consists of surgical removal of the cataract with implantation of an artificial lens. After the surgery the brain has to adjust to the new signals coming from the eyes. The girls will wear glasses until they learn to focus and control the eyes. Hopefully, they will start going to school and will have a better life than their parents. That’s how 15 minutes changed this family’s future.



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